Links in traceback open files in a new editor

  • After clicking one of links in the traceback in the console view the module which link leads to is being opened in a new editor even if it's already opened. I think exiting editor with given module should be reused and no new editor should be opened. Even better would be an option specifying behavior in this case.
    What's worse (taking into account there's no multi-row tabs in Eclipse) is that **both** in the new and **old** editor the filename shown on the tab is now followed by file's path which takes much space. As a side note the path is dotted which suggests it's path in packages hierarchy whereas it seems to be plain file system path.

    Should I raise it as a bug or an enhancment?

  • Fabio Zadrozny
    Fabio Zadrozny

    Please report a bug… Also, please add a screenshot and if possible attach a sample project where I can reproduce this (I must say I just tested here and wasn't able to reproduce, so, it may be something related to your specific configuration of the project).