some questions/doubts on jython

  • Hi,

    I'm writing this from the perspective of someone trying out pydev and pydev extensions in a java/jython project that uses a lot of java libraries.

    I wasn't able to use code completion. I'm not sure if it is supposed to work in this case or not :

    mainFrame = JFrame()

    when I press ctrl+space, nothing happens, I noticed it works on normal python code. autocomplete for parameters also doesn't work. an usefull feature that also doesn't work is pression F3 over a java class in jython code.

    So I'm not sure if these are questions or suggestions, perhaps I just don't know how to configure this behaviour

    Another aspect where I found pydev a bit lacking (for our particular purpose) was the fact that it doesn't easily support mixed java/jython projects. I acomplished this by hand-editing eclipse project .xml files and manually adding the respective natures.


    • sorry for the double posting, I think something is wrong with the sourceforge forum, after the posting is done it momentarily appears in the context of another thread