#651 Code Coverage Results View broken

Håkan Johansson

I run a python file: "Run As -> Python Coverage" after having selected a good coverage dir.
I see that a .coverage file is generated in the '.metadata' directory.

The problem is that the results view says that there are not statistics for any of the files.

* I cleared coverage information before the run.
* I refreshed coverage information after the run.
* The python project is not located in a subdirectory of the eclipse "home" dir. I am not sure if this is important or not, but it probably is since the
'.coverage' file was put in the eclipse home dir.
* This worked before the update of the coverage tool (except that it couldn't handle threads of course)

I have tried running a single file or all files in a directory. No difference.


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    In which pydev version did this happen? Do you have something in your error log?

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    Sorry for not updating this bug. I have not had time until now.

    I tried it again today with the same result.
    PyDev: 1.3.15

    Nothing is written at all in the error log.

    I have a different layout than what is custom:

    I set 'pysrc' as coverage directory and run the tests that are located in there (Run as Python Coverage).

    This file is created when running the tests:

    From what I can see, the content of the file is correct (it contains the absolute pats to my files).

    My guess is that the "Code Coverage Results View" cannot find this file correctly because of my project layout.