#1545 Problems with themed Package Explorer


I'm using Eclipse 4.2.1 with Aptana Studio 3.4.0 Plugin including PyDev 2.7.0 and having problems with the font color in the PyDev package explorer when projects use VCS, particularly Git, and Aptana themes are set to "Apply to all (non-Studio) views". It looks like some of the background colors are taken from the theme, but most of the foreground colors are not taken from the theme, so they don't fit together and I see ugly or unreadable combinations like dark grey on black or black on dark brown.


  • If I disable theming for the PyDev Package Explorer, by unchecking "Apply to all (non-Studio views)" in Apatana Themes, I'm still getting problems with fonts and colors. In this case, most of the entries look unthemed, but some of the files, have the background from the theme and a foreground color not taken from the theme. For instance, some files have the background color of dark brown for "unstaged files" from the Aptana theme, but a foreground color of grey or black that makes them unreadable. The themed color for "unstaged files" should be white.