#1400 PyDev causing JSP problem annotation disappear

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I am reopening bug:

Installing PyDev causing JSP problem annotation disappear - ID: 3414206
Still having the same problem on 2.2.3 release.


  • Anonymous

    Screen shot


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    • priority: 5 --> 9

  • Anonymous

    Please see attached screen shot. An problem is marked in JSP editor and problem view but the annotation is still missing on the file in Project Explorer.

    Note: this problem is not limited to JSP file, but also other type problem annotation attached to files.

    Could you double check your earlier fix and test with the steps mentioned above before closing the bug ?


  • Anonymous

    Note: the issue is slightly improved with the fix for the original bug, but not fully fixed.

    Previously, both the project and the JSP resource did not show the error marker. Now, the project shows the error marker, but the resource still does not.


  • Anonymous

    HI Fabio, could you take a look of this?
    The error marker is still not showing at resource/file level.


  • Anonymous

    This bug has been open for a while. Any update?

  • Danny Ju
    Danny Ju

    I did some debugging and found the issue is caused by
    by the label provider implementation of PyDev CNF viewer.

    In PythonLabelProvider.getImage(Object element), if the element is not
    handled by PyDev, the method should return null, instead of return a default
    image from WorkbenchLabelProvider.

    Otherwise label provider contributed by other plugins will not get
    a chance to decorate the CNF node. (See NavigatorContentServiceLabelProvider.getColumnImage().
    NavigatorContentServiceLabelProvider )

    In the use case above, the label provider which handles flagging error decorator
    in each level of CNF nodes is JDT org.eclipse.jdt.internal.ui.packageview.PackageExplorerLabelProvider, which in term calls ProblemsLabelDecorator.

    I notice PyDev also declare a ProblemsLabelDecorator extension, org.python.pydev.navigator.decorator.ProblemsLabelDecorator, which looks like a copy of JDT. This extension is no longer needed once the bug in PythonLabelProvider.getImage() is fixed.

    Could you fix this asap?

  • Danny Ju
    Danny Ju

    Any update when the proposed fix above can go be adopted?

  • Fabio Zadrozny
    Fabio Zadrozny

    Hi Danny,

    Not sure if you've seen it, but I'm working towards continuing PyDev (http://igg.me/at/liclipse). I'll become active again towards fixing things right after the funding is finished.

    Regarding this issue, as you debugged it already, can you create a patch and send a pull request for me at https://github.com/fabioz/Pydev ?

    One thing to note: you mentioned JDT ends up treating it... note that there's the possibility that JDT is not there (if you just get the bare-bones eclipse and add PyDev), so, I don't think the PyDev problems decorator can be removed...