Added CVS access for PyCLIPS

I added a CVS tree to the PyCLIPS project: in this tree changes to source files will be posted of course more frequently than within file releases. However, at least for now, I will only post changes that I consider somewhat "stable" (for instance bug fixes), at least until someone joins the project.

The CVS "module" name for the Python module (I also plan to add examples once I'm ready with them) is, in a complete lack of fantasy, pyclips_module.

A small note regarding release numbers: I personally use SVN on my systems as a RCS, for me it's more intuitive than CVS. So the file release (which I build on my own) will have a different revision string which carries a different format as well as my "local" name. Please consider the release date more confident than the revision number...


Posted by Francesco Garosi 2004-07-23