Surface is generated as Frame, not plain

  • Marius

    Hi There

    First of all: Please excuse my not everytime adequate english. I am no native english speaker but I will do my best that you can understand me.

    At the moment, I am experimenting with my new CNC mill. My toolchain is as follows:

    FreeCAD (on Windows 7) for drawing of the models
    pyCAM (on Ubuntu 10.04) for the generation of the G-Code
    LinuxCNC (on Ubuntu 10.04) for the execution of the GCode and controlling of the CNC Mill.

    My problem is the following: I have a model with a surface which is at Z=0. This surface is surrounded by another surface at z=-3. In the higher surface is a text which is cut out. My problem is, that PyCAM generates the higher surface not as plain but only as fram.
    I checked that it is PyCAM which causes the problem as I imported the .stl-File in another CAD program which displays the drawing correct.

    I made some screenshot to help you understanding my problem:

    1.) Freecad:

    2.) HeeksCAD (controlling the .stl-File)

    3.) PyCAM imported stl

    4.) PyCAM Screenshot of GCode simulation

    I hope I was able to make my problem clear and would be very glad if one of you guys could help me out

    Thanks and best regards