box o tron for cnc milling


  • Anonymous

    Hi all, I've derived from the original boxotron to make one suitable for cnc milling and pycam!

    After you make the box file you can open in inkscape, add some holes for buttons/knobs etc, then copy paste to pycam. The red outlines are not fully opaque so they don't copy across.


  • Lars

    Hi Matt,

    parametric modelling is always a great fun!

    Your red half-transparent lines are a nice trick to work with PyCAM's input filter!
    Regarding the copy/paste: I guess you used this a workaround to force PyCAM to load the complete model? Alternatively you could also just increase the sheet dimension of the SVG model.

    In case you care about a pythonic code-style maybe you would want to take a look at PEP-8: wildcard imports - like with SVG in - always scare me a bit … :)

    Did you already stumble upon other approaches for parametric modeling? The following ones come to my mind:
    - OpenSCAD - less suitable for 2D; only DXF output
    - Cadmium - based on Python, but lacking updates recently
    - ImplicitCAD - awesome! Don't get scared away by the haskell notation - it is quite simple …

    It is great that there are so many interesting ways to shape a little cube :)