#7 Field auto-complete


Have pybliographic maintain a list of field values
found in databases opened so far. Then make the boxes
for entry of appropriate fields into drop-down boxes.

This feature should be cross-file, so that you can open
another file and be able to select
authors/journals/etc. from other databases.

It would also be useful to be able to have some kind of
updating feature, whereby one value might be marked as
replacing another. Eg. "Physical Review" -> "Phys.
Rev.". On opening a database containing the deprecated
version, the user could be prompted whether they wish
the values to be updated to the standardised format.
This could be made quite complex (and very useful!) by
having a list of 'preferred' values, eg. for journal

Perhaps have an option to select whether new values are
added by typing directly into the entry-editor window
(in the drop-down box), or having an extra 'add new
value' dialog.

I believe this type of feature is in endnote, and would
be very useful for attracting new users. Although I've
been using pybliographic for many years and don't need
persuading by such a feature, it would still be very

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