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Version 0.7 released

This release:

- adds polldescriptors to PCM and Mixer objects, thanks to a patch by James Cameron.

- fixes a memory leak, thanks to a patch by Erik Kulyk.

Posted by Lars Immisch 2011-08-09

Version 0.5 released

Bugfix release:

- applied patch 2777035: Fixed setrec method in alsaaudio.c This included a mixertest with more features

- fixed/applied patch 2594366: alsapcm_setup does not do any error checking

Posted by Lars Immisch 2009-04-23

Version 0.4 released

Version 0.4 is released.

PyAlsaAudio supports Python 3.0 now.

Posted by Lars Immisch 2008-11-29

SVN access available

SVN is now available and up-to date.

To get PyAlsaaudio from svn, do:

svn co pyalsaaudio

Posted by Lars Immisch 2008-01-24

Version 0.3 released

I have released 03 of PyAlsaaudio.

This release makes PyAlsaaudio suitable for multithreaded use (it releases the GIL for blocking calls).

This closes all outstanding bugs and patches, in particular issue 1390133:"

Posted by Lars Immisch 2008-01-24

Version 0.2 released

I've just uploaded a new version of the module, which contains some important bugfixes, and API documentation.

Please let me know if you experience any bugs/problems with this package

Posted by wilstrup 2005-07-09

AMD64 support

I have just confirmed that the current version of PyAlsaAudio works correctly on the AMD64 bit platform beside ix86. If anyone experiences problems on other platforms, bug reports (and patches) are welcome.

Posted by wilstrup 2005-01-05

First release available

The first release of pyalsaaudio has just been released. It contains complete (but certainly buggy) support for PCM - both playback and capture, as well as the Mixer API.

Posted by wilstrup 2004-10-05

Project Created

The PyAlsaAudio project was created today. There is no official release yet. Version 0.1 is expected withon a few days. For the daring, try our subversion repository at svn://

Posted by wilstrup 2004-10-04