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Project stalled

This project has stalled. The current developers don't have enough time and interest to develop it any further. It's open source, so it's still there for anybody who finds it useful.

Posted by Gerhard Häring 2001-11-01

CVS at Sourceforge

The sources are now available from Sourceforge CVS.

Posted by Gerhard Häring 2001-06-22

Mid-April release

Lots of bugfixes, preliminary Solaris support.

Posted by Gerhard Häring 2001-04-15

new release with Windows support

the 2001-03-03 release supports building on Windows systems again.

Posted by Gerhard Häring 2001-03-03


This project is now completely hosted on Sourceforge. The complete project setup on Sourceforge did take almost 4 weeks, but in the end, everything is well now.

Posted by Gerhard Häring 2001-02-04