Just curious: is this single file exe unzipped to the temporary directory before being executed? I've been using pyinstaller to build single file executables, and it works well, the only problem being the single file exe is actually unzipped to the temp directory, which means if your application runs multiple times really really quickly (a light controller, for example), it gets errors during the unzip process.

On 8/12/06, Harald Armin Massa <haraldarminmassa@gmail.com> wrote:

after some fiddling I really succeeded with "single file " Executables from py2exe. It is really great to have "REAL" python exe files that simply can be dropped somewhere...

the only bitter pill is the msvcr71.dll

I read that it cannot be put into the resulting exe. Why? Python24.dll can be included, all the other .pyd; why not msvcr71.dll ?

Are there any external "linking-tolls" which can pin the dll to the .exe file? I would really love to have just one exe :)


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