On 4/16/07, Grant Edwards <grante@visi.com> wrote:
On 2007-04-16, Larry Bates <larry.bates@websafe.com> wrote:

>> I can't figure out how to determine why a particular module is
>> being included by py2exe.
>> In my case, I'm bundling a wx app, and py2exe thinks tcl and
>> tk need to go along with it -- I'd like to find out why.
> Are you using PIL?


> It includes them but doesn't need them unless you use the
> viewer.  I normally exclude them with:
> "dll_excludes": ["tcl84.dll", "tk84.dll"]

Yup, I know how to exclude them.  What I can't figure out is
how to determine why a particular module is included.

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This is my first time responding to a message on the list, and I missed the beginning of this thread, but have you tried the -x option?
"python setup.py py2exe -n -x" generates a web page which will show modules, and what includes them. Again forgive me if this was already brought up.