I am currently re-implementing the import machinery for Python in Python source.  This has led to me writing PEP 302 importers/loaders for the various types of modules that one can import currently in Python (source, bytecode, extension modules, frozen modules, and built-in modules).

It is almost done short of two failing tests, one of which makes the assumption that all loaders define get_code.  This reminded me that I didn't really know if PEP 302 was as useful as people wanted it to be for apps like py2exe.

So, with an eye on Py3K and cleaning up the whole import situation to make life better, I wanted to see if the current situation with PEP 302 loaders and their optional interfaces for supporting py2exe et. al. is good enough.  Or would you like to see it simplified, expanded, etc.

My hope is that if their is a desire for change it can be rolled into a PEP that proposes tweaks to how import works underneath the covers.