On 8/1/05, Brian Dorsey <briandorsey@gmail.com> wrote:
On 01/08/05, Scott Kirkwood <scottakirkwood@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>  I've written a program which hijacks the optparse module so that it'll
> bring up a dialog box showing the options for the program in question using
> wxPython.  It uses the dynamic nature of python to change which optparse
> module it'll use, essentially. It works like a charm, I can point my program
> to any python (.py) file that uses optparse and it'll show me the options in
> a dialog where I can click on checkboxes and fill edit boxes instead of
> doing the normal thing through the command line.
>  It's nice because you can leave the original program as-is and continue to
> use that program passing commands at the command line, yet you have the
> option of running my wxOptparse program to show the options with a GUI.
>  The only thing is that it doesn't work with .py programs that have been
> converted to .exe files. If I could just get at the .pyc files embeded
> within,  I figure I might still be able to do it by expanding out the files
> in the .exe.

The only thing I can think of would be a bad hack... make a copy of
the app and it's lib folder, replace the optparse.pyc file with your
custom one, run the app, and then delete the copy on exit. But, I
don't like that. It'd be much better if there were a way to inject
something into sys.modules after py2exe has started, but before it
starts the main python script.

In any case, that sounds like a very useful script! It it something
that you'd be willing and able to share?

Yes,  I'm almost ready for prime-time.  It'll be GPL'd or whatever. Although I think you should release early and often I also think the first version should be usable.
I'll probably call it wxOptParse

Take care,