I have a problem, I've made a program in Python 2.7 which manipulates with word and excel simultaneously, I made it with pywin32 (used win32com.client with Dispatch and constants) it has some GUI made in wxPython, the program runs perfectly when it is started in Python Shell (no errors) then I tried to make an .exe from that program, I used py2exe, pyinstaller 2.0 and cx_freeze and all of them signal the same error AttributeError: wdReplaceAll (when started from .exe, I haven't had that error when started in Python Shell).
All suggestions are more than welcome! Thanks in advance :D

This is my setup.py am I doing something wrong in it?
from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe

includes = ['win32com.client']
setup(options = {"py2exe": {
                          "includes": includes,

P.S. I use office 2007 32-bit, the program is intended to go on other computers that don't have Python and use 32-bit windows.