I would strongly (very strongly) suggest looking into the fdb library which is a replacement for the kinterbasdb library.  It works well with py2exe in my experiences.

On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 4:24 AM, Werner F. Bruhin <werner.bruhin@free.fr> wrote:

On 31/05/2013 11:06, malefs@freenet wrote:
> py2exe fails to load _kinterbasdb.pyd with bundle level set to 1 or 2.
> with level 3 it works
> same problem like in bug ticket #130 ImportError: MemoryLoadLibrary
> failed loading _psutil_mswind  with kinterbasedb
> File "zipextimporter.pyo", line 82, in load_module
>     File "fbdb.pyo", line 14, in <module>
>     File "zipextimporter.pyo", line 82, in load_module
>     File "kinterbasdb\__init__.pyo", line 119, in <module>
>     File "zipextimporter.pyo", line 98, in load_module
> ImportError: MemoryLoadLibrary failed loading kinterbasdb\_kinterbasdb.pyd
> Win7
> python 2.7.2
> py2exe 0.6.9
I wouldn't use bundle level 1 as it has to many problems.

I use bundle level 2 with kinterbasdb without any problems, note that I
define "kinterbasdb" in the packages py2exe options.


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