Hi, Everyone
       I used python 2.7 32 bit with py2exe-0.6.9.win32-py2.7.exe. When I tried to create an exe, the dist and build folders were created correctly and the exe just worked fine. But the problem is that in dist folder, the _hashlib.pyd is missing. (We are using it in a production environment, and another team wrote some scripts that makes use of dist folder to create msi, which requires _hashlib.pyd to be there ).  I checked the log files,
running py2exe
creating D:\testPerl\testPy2Exe\build
creating D:\testPerl\testPy2Exe\build\bdist.win32
creating D:\testPerl\testPy2Exe\build\bdist.win32\winexe
creating D:\testPerl\testPy2Exe\build\bdist.win32\winexe\collect-2.7
creating D:\testPerl\testPy2Exe\build\bdist.win32\winexe\bundle-2.7
creating D:\testPerl\testPy2Exe\build\bdist.win32\winexe\temp
creating D:\testPerl\testPy2Exe\dist
*** searching for required modules ***
*** parsing results ***
creating python loader for extension 'select' (C:\Python27\DLLs\select.pyd -> select.pyd)
creating python loader for extension 'unicodedata' (C:\Python27\DLLs\unicodedata.pyd -> unicodedata.pyd)
creating python loader for extension 'bz2' (C:\Python27\DLLs\bz2.pyd -> bz2.pyd)
*** finding dlls needed ***
It seemed that there should be something "creating python loader" for _hashlib.pyd too.  I skimed the source code, and it seemed that in build_exe.py, the mf.load_file and mf.load_package can load modules. That's as far as I can go.  Can anyone shed some light on my problem? Thanks.