Hi!  Sorry if this is answered in another thread or elsewhere on the site: a computer I want to run my py2exe-d app on has all the DLL's py2exe reported as necessary-but-not-included (e.g., OLEAUT32.DLL, USER32.DLL, etc.) and in the proper location (i.e., C:\WINDOWS\system32), but at least one of them differs in version number from that on the computer on which I built the exe (e.g., ADVAPI32.dll is version 5.1.2600.5755 on the "source" computer, but is 5.2.3790.4555 on the destination computer).  Is this a "blocker": do the version no.s need to match, or the destination computer(s) have to at least have earlier versions than the source computer (assuming DLL's are at least somewhat backwards compatible)?  (I've already determined that my app, the py2exe-d version of which runs fine on the source computer, fails on the destination computer, complaining with "ImportError: No module named os."  If that error screams out as another obvious problem to someone, please share.)  Thanks!

David Goldsmith
Olympia, WA

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