Hi folks,

I'm trying to generate a .exe. The code had work in the past, and it is not working anymore. Maybe something broken with new versions?

It's a GUI application with PyGTK. When I execute umit.exe it does not raise nothing, just something like that happened:

C:\dist\> umit.exe


        windows = [{
            "script": common.UMIT_MAIN,
            "dest_base": "umit",
            "uac_info": "requireAdministrator",
            "icon_resources": [
                (1, os.path.join(common.ICONS_DIR, "umit_48.ico"))]

Fullcode: http://trac.umitproject.org/browser/network-scanner/trunk/install_scripts/windows/py2exe_setup.py

I have one more application working as a service, and it works pretty well. Just the GUI is not working. I tried to put:

But it does not work out. Any tips?

Best Regards,
Luís A. Bastião Silva