I'm using py2exe to distribute my app. the app includes python25, wxpython, matplotlib, numpy, and pyserial. my setup file appears to work well. the problem I'm having is that I am compiling on a vista machine and I want user to be able to install on version of windows prior to vista. I have limited knowledge of how this all works... say can a person running win2000 run my program that was compiled on my machine running vista? I tried it out and it doesn't work. I can compile on an XP machine and run on vista, but I can't compile on vista and run on an XP machine. I can compile on vista and run on another vista. I suspect this has something to do with the manifest and the dll dependencies?
Can someone explain the details/points that I need to pay attention to when trying to get this to work? I would REALLY appreciate it. I've searched around google all evening and haven't gotten very far.
thanks in advance,