OK, here’s how my setup.py script looks like:





from distutils.core import setup

import py2exe



    #This first parameter is not required, its information

    #builts a resource that is added to the executables.


    version = "1.0",


    #targets to build

    console = ["StaffSearch.py" , "StaffDirectorySpider.py"],

    data_files = [ (".", ["StaffDirectorySearchHelp.txt", "StaffSearch.rsrc.py",

                          "About - StaffDirectorySpider.txt"])],  




So, I ran this setup and I got the two subdirectories, build and dist. Inside the dist there are two executables that run fine on my pc, but when I copy them to a pc that doesn’t have python I get an error saying that I’m missing a bunch of libraries and something like MVSC or the like…..if I copy the lib.zip along with the executables I get the same error……please help!