Yes i'have some of those buried in def statements to avoid recursive module import that raises error.
I think now the question is another, how can i deal wiith that if i have to put some import inside a def or if statements?

Thanks a lot,

2010/3/13 Aahz <>
On Sat, Mar 13, 2010, Martino Massalini wrote:
> Hi, hi have already used py2exe with this application without problem.
> Now, after a while and afet adding some code, i want to rebuild my exe.
> I receive, "Some modules appears to be missing".
> The modules are other .py i wrote and actually they aren't miissing.
> When i start the exe it doesn't work and i receive a log telling
> "Unable to import XXXXXX".

Are any of your imports buried inside "if" or "def" statements?  py2exe
uses a module-finding technique that doesn't work with those, and you'll
either need to change your code or list the modules in
Aahz (           <*>

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