I just noticed that after adding '.pyw' to build_exe._py_suffixes,  the .pyw's are happily copied, but not compiled.
Please also consider changing line 1169 in build_exe.py to :

'if suffix in [".py", ".pyw"]:

formerly :
    if suffix == ".py":

 - that should work fine.


Thomas Heller wrote:
"f.kintzel" <f.kintzel@internet-access.de> writes:

Hi everyone,
 I recently tried to build a script using py2exe that imported some
 more modules, some of which had the .pyw extension.
py2exe dumped an error message "Don't know how to handle.." (the
imported .pyw file)
I got around that with the following code:
 import py2exe
py2exe.build_exe._py_suffixes.append ('.pyw')
 then run setup normally.
 It's working but somewhat ugly. Maybe you could include .pyw as a
 standard extension in the next version ?

Thanks, I've added this to CVS.