Hi there!

I've been trying to build a .exe in windows, but I haven't been successful.
My problem is that my program needs others packges installed at site-packages directory, and I don't know how to "add" them to my program.
My setup.py file looks like this:

PACKAGES = ["rdflib"]

setup(name = 'Some',
      description = 'Thing',
      version = '1.0',
      console = ['main2.py'],
      options = {"py2exe": {# "bundle_files": 3,
                            "compressed": 1,
                            "optimize": 2,
                            #"excludes": EXCLUDES,
                            #"includes": INCLUDES,
                            "packages": PACKAGES,
                            # Typelib for WMI:
                            # "typelibs": [('{565783C6-CB41-11D1-8B02-00600806D9B6}', 0, 1, 2)],

It doesn't recognize the rdflib module. Later I especified the package_dir, but then when I run the "main2.exe" the files inside the rdflib module aren't recognized...
I thought that the process of include the packges was recursive. I mean, all the files inside a package are included.

What should I do?