I've written a python gui application which I then turn into an executable with py2exe. A whole bunch of files are generated, including the final executable. When I try and run it,  I get an error dialog that points me to the app.exe.log. Unfortunately the log generated is completely blank and I'm at a loss of how to start debugging.

My setup.py file looks like:
import os
import sys
import glob
from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe
import dabo.icons

daboDir = os.path.split(dabo.__file__)[0]

# Find the location of the dabo icons:
iconDir = os.path.split(dabo.icons.__file__)[0]
iconSubDirs = []
def getIconSubDir(arg, dirname, fnames):
    if ".svn" not in dirname and dirname[-1] != "\\":
        icons = glob.glob(os.path.join(dirname, "*.png"))
        if icons:
            subdir = (os.path.join("resources", dirname[len(arg)+1:]), icons)
os.path.walk(iconDir, getIconSubDir, iconDir)

# locales:
localeDir = "%s%slocale" % (daboDir, os.sep)
locales = []
def getLocales(arg, dirname, fnames):
  if ".svn" not in dirname and dirname[-1] != "\\":
    mo_files = tuple(glob.glob(os.path.join(dirname, "*.mo")))
    if mo_files:
      subdir = os.path.join("dabo.locale", dirname[len(arg)+1:])
      locales.append((subdir, mo_files))
os.path.walk(localeDir, getLocales, localeDir)


            description="Test Dabo Application",
            options={"py2exe": {
                    "compressed": 1, "optimize": 2, "bundle_files": 3,
                    "excludes": ["Tkconstants","Tkinter","tcl",
                    "_imagingtk", "PIL._imagingtk",
                    "ImageTk", "PIL.ImageTk", "FixTk"], "includes": ["encodings", "locale"]}},
            windows=['basicApp.py'], data_files=data_files

Any help is much appreciated.


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