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Python Universe Builder "TWO"

After a fairly long hiatus, Terry Hancock and Gabriel Jagenstedt have started work on a major revision of the PUB Interactive Fiction Engine sources, which we're calling by the astonishingly original name of "PUB 2". Splitting the work into a separate package makes us a little more comfortable playing "fast and loose" with the codebase (but this is a refactoring, not a complete rewrite, of the original PUB).... read more

Posted by Terry Hancock 2006-02-15

1.0 Alpha 1 Released

Python Universe Builder, an interactive fiction module for Python, is now available as a proper python package with distutils installation, thanks to work by Lalo Martins. It is also compatible with Python 2.1 and 2.2 now, and has improved docstrings and resulting automatic API documentation.

Posted by Terry Hancock 2002-11-22

First Doc Pass

After a very long hiatus, I just finished going through the source and adding doc strings to all the classes, and a number of methods. This was also my first real review of the entire source code. PUB is surprisingly simple and small, actually.

After doing this, it seems fairly clear to me that it will be possible to meet most of the original extension goals without having to make major changes. In particular, agent-based characters should be a snap to integrate, once a suitable agent is available.... read more

Posted by Terry Hancock 2002-05-21

Website is Up!

Well, PUB has now officially completed its move to
Source Forge, as I have updated and posted the website here:

Posted by Terry Hancock 2001-04-03