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Version 20 Released

Added information to the output: trials executed, speed in trials per sec.
Woo, using the new admin interface of for the first time. Itchy.

Posted by Vasil Bachvarov 2009-12-08

Version 19 Released

Hi, gyus,

Today version 19 was born. Now Password Probe is able to load passwords from Unix passwd and shadow files (but still only DES hacking is possible though).

Posted by Vasil Bachvarov 2006-12-09

Version 18 with Bugfixes Released

This version fixes a bug in v17 - the character set was broken after writing to the state save file.
Please, do not use v17 anymore.

Posted by Vasil Bachvarov 2006-12-05

Version 17 Released

Hi, Password Probe friends,

I am very pleased to announce this 17-th midnight release [ 2:42 a.m. :) ] of this great piece of software.

Changes are not significant, but nevertheless I had to make them:

- pattern generation algorithm changed from recursion to nice iteration (but no performance benefit though O_o? );
- command line switch -ss (starting first symbol) changed to -sw (starting word). Now you can enter any starting word, valid for the selected character set (I must figure out how do you enter a space, but...)... read more

Posted by Vasil Bachvarov 2006-12-05

Version 16 Released

Hi, Guys,

Sorry, I forgot to announce the release of version 16.

Here is the help info, from which you can see the capabilities:

Password Probe - Perl, Script for Combinational Checking of DES-Hashed Strings
Author: Vasil Bachvarov <>

perl [options]

--help Show help.
-h Show help.
-v Display script version.
-a <saw> <pwd> Hash the pwd with the saw. The saw must be 2 symbols long and complying the DES standard.
-i <input file> Input file with hashed pwds. It is in format <name1>\n<enc_pwd1>\n\n<name2>...
-o <output file> Log file to be written. The new data will be appended at the end of the file.
-g Generate some sample data for an input file. You can use > to redirect stdout to a file.
-p <enc_pwd> Give searched pwd as a direct parameter.
-mn <symbol count> Minimal symbol count for a word (1 by default).
-mx <symbol count> Maximal symbol count for a word (6 by default).
-ss <start symbol> Starting first symbol (in case you broke the programme at specific point).
-s <sets> Define a symbol set to use. In <sets> you can enter a combination of set symbols or custom sets.
-sv <state save file> Define a state save file. State can be afterwards loaded with -ld.
-ld <state load file> Define a state load file, saved with -sv. Must be saved with the same version of the script!... read more

Posted by Vasil Bachvarov 2006-08-23

Version 12 Released

Hi, all,

I am pleased to announce, that the initial version 12 beta is already out.
Feel free to test :)

Best Regards,
Vasil Bachvarov

Posted by Vasil Bachvarov 2006-07-21