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  • Thomas Pryds
    Thomas Pryds

    Hi. I really like this program, it fills my needs exactly, while still appearing lightweight and non-bloated, which is really an advance for any program, in my perspective.

    If you accept localization contributions, I'd be happy to provide such for Danish locale. I also did/do the Danish localization of Hugin.

  • Tom Sharpless
    Tom Sharpless

    Thanks for the offer.  I have no plans at present to enhance Panini, nor do I think I was very careful about writing it with localizable strings.  But if you would like to contribute a Danish version of the manual, I would gladly publish it here.

    Just what are your needs that Panini fills so well?  I ask because I am planning a commercial offering for reformatting wide angle and fish-eye photos.  The main complaint about Panini from people who use it for viewing spherical panoramas has been the limited resolution, both for display and saving views.  I made a 'pro' version that can handle up to 50-75 MPixel files, but the pros (me included) really need much more.  That may happen eventually; meanwhile I can make Panini software that handles photos and video at full resolution using the already developed technology.

    I do plan to upgrade the open source Panini some day (if I live that long) at which point I hope several developers would be willing to help.