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PurpleSharp / News: Recent posts

Purple# 0.7 released!

Purple# is a shader-driven 3d engine for .NET.
Take a look at!

Posted by Markus Wφί 2005-02-13

Purple# v0.55 released

This is an intermediate version because of the Summer Update 2004. There are already some new features incorporated for the upcoming v0.6 that may not work properly in 0.55.

Posted by Markus Wφί 2004-08-09

Purple# 0.5 released

For more information take a look at

Posted by Markus Wφί 2004-05-29

Purple# v0.4 released.

For more information take a look at

Posted by Markus Wφί 2004-04-17

Purple# homepage relaunched.

The Purple# homepage now is built upon PHPNuke. A lot of new features are added like a fourm, gallery, user management and more...

Visit and register yourself at at:

Posted by Markus Wφί 2004-04-01

Purple# v0.3 alpha released.

This is the alpha version of Purple# v0.3. If you encounter any problems, post them in the forums. This will help for Purple# 0.3 final.

Posted by Markus Wφί 2004-02-27

2nd and 5th place in the activity ranking (may, 29th)!

Today we have reached the 2nd place in the 3d rendering topic and 5th place in games/entertainment.
Using the C# filter Purple# is on the first place in both!

Posted by Markus Wφί 2003-05-27

Purple# v0.1 release on 7th of april 2003

Stay tuned!
Soon the fun begins!

Posted by Markus Wφί 2003-04-02