Commit Date  
[r17112] by eighthave

tagging v1.0.14

2013-05-07 18:17:59 Tree
[r17111] by nusmuk

debug typo so that everything compile

2013-05-01 17:07:19 Tree
[r17110] by nusmuk

code refactorisation, and functionality addition

2013-05-01 16:51:34 Tree
[r17109] by nusmuk

code refactorisation and functionality addition

2013-05-01 16:49:53 Tree
[r17108] by nusmuk

update todo list

2013-05-01 16:46:01 Tree
[r17107] by nusmuk

add all pmpd3d new functionality to pmpd

2013-05-01 16:45:34 Tree
[r17106] by nusmuk

bugfix : distance in setLcurrent (float) was not correctly computed

2013-05-01 15:49:53 Tree
[r17105] by nusmuk

pmpd code refactorisation

2013-05-01 15:03:05 Tree
[r17104] by nusmuk

update todo

2013-05-01 14:40:10 Tree
[r17103] by nusmuk

add messages to change link connection

2013-05-01 14:39:38 Tree
[r17102] by zmoelnig

use anonymous structs for iemnet_notif{y,ier}

cherry-picked from git commit 8e12855bcecbb7d086d3e464e1219fc689ad6b46
Author: IOhannes m zmölnig <>
Date: Wed Apr 24 16:56:23 2013 +0200

C sucks....

2013-04-24 15:01:20 Tree
[r17101] by nusmuk

add a message to change masses a link is connected to.

2013-04-24 13:28:14 Tree
[r17100] by nusmuk

update TODO

2013-04-24 13:26:28 Tree
[r17099] by nusmuk

add comments

2013-04-24 13:25:26 Tree
[r17098] by zmoelnig

removed debug printout

2013-04-20 12:18:34 Tree
[r17097] by zmoelnig

updated example config

2013-04-18 18:53:14 Tree
[r17096] by zmoelnig

allow to set the geometry of the main window

2013-04-18 18:52:36 Tree
[r17095] by zmoelnig

only disable QUIT-Keys (not CLOSE)

2013-04-18 18:51:18 Tree
[r17094] by zmoelnig

by default configure KIOSK to not do anything

2013-04-16 21:36:01 Tree
[r17093] by zmoelnig

allow to only disable the quit bindings

Ctrl-W/Ctrl-Q and the shift-variants

2013-04-16 21:15:35 Tree
[r17092] by zmoelnig

switch to new notify system

test how this behaves under heavy load...

2013-04-14 21:04:28 Tree
[r17091] by zmoelnig

build with iemnet_notify

2013-04-14 20:44:27 Tree
[r17090] by zmoelnig

removed debugging printout

2013-04-14 20:44:05 Tree
[r17089] by zmoelnig

simple notification abstraction

last implementation used another thread that called clock_set() in a sys_lock().
this implementation uses a pipe and sys_addpollfn()

2013-04-14 20:40:07 Tree
[r17088] by avilleret

fix bug in RGBA mode

2013-04-13 23:58:39 Tree
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