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build-mac64    45 lines (41 with data), 839 Bytes

#usage: ./build 0.38-0 or 0.38-0test4

if test x$1 == x
   echo usage: ./build 0.38-0 or 0.38-0test4
   exit 1

if test -d Pd-$1-64bit.app
    chmod -R 777 Pd-$1-64bit.app
    rm -rf Pd-$1-64bit.app

tar xzf stuff/wish-shell.tgz
mv "Wish Shell.app" Pd-$1-64bit.app
cd Pd-$1-64bit.app/Contents
chmod 755 .
rm -f Info.plist
cp -p  ../../stuff/Info.plist .
cd MacOS
chmod 755 .
mv "Wish Shell" Pd
cd ..
cd Resources
chmod 755 .
rm -f Wish.icns
cp -p ../../../stuff/pd.icns ../../../stuff/pd-file.icns .
mv "Wish Shell.rsrc" Pd.rsrc
tar xzf ../../../pd-$1.src.tar.gz
mv pd-$1/* .
rmdir pd-$1
cd src
make -f makefile.mac "ARCH=-arch x86_64"
cd ..
ln -s tcl Scripts
chmod 555 . .. 
cd ../../..
chmod 755 Pd-$1-64bit.app
touch Pd-$1-64bit.app
chmod 555 Pd-$1-64bit.app
tar czf pd-$1-64bit.mac.tar.gz Pd-$1-64bit.app