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[d25619] by Miller Puckette Miller Puckette

release script fixes (new make system works with released tarball now).

2010-08-21 22:43:36 Tree
[35ff7b] by msp msp

2 small fixes

2010-08-21 21:11:18 Tree
[8eb700] by msp msp

bug fix to gatom dialog (send and receive symbol slots switched) and
new version of latency measurement tool

2010-08-21 19:58:35 Tree
[730cfa] by msp msp

small windows and mac fixes

2010-08-19 03:26:42 Tree
[1bbc14] by Hans-Christoph Steiner Hans-Christoph Steiner , pushed by msp msp

make text_ypix() run only if visible, fixing intermittent GOP crashes

2010-08-18 21:43:03 Tree
[dfd586] by Hans-Christoph Steiner Hans-Christoph Steiner , pushed by msp msp

create USEAPI_DUMMY/s_audio_dummy.c, parallel to s_midi_dummy.c

2010-08-18 21:39:52 Tree
[d89c96] by IOhannes m zmoelnig IOhannes m zmoelnig , pushed by msp msp

expose audio/midi information via the public API

in theory this allows to get fully control the audio backend of Pd

2010-08-18 21:37:23 Tree
[20e829] by IOhannes m zmoelnig IOhannes m zmoelnig , pushed by msp msp

finished automake (2nd attempt)

finished automakeization of the build-system (without interfereing in the
existing buildsystem (by msp))

+ fully automake (as far as Pd is concerned; portmidi and friends might still
need some work)
this means:
- make install
- make uninstall
- make dist
and all the other nifty stuff
+ autoconf
factored out autoconf code for iphone and android and universal builds, this
should make it much easier to maintain
+ headers
a number of private headers are installed into ${prefix}/include/pd/
+ pkg-config
pd.pc tells you were to find private headers and what flags you need to compile
+ tricks are kept to a minimum as well as hardcoded flags and paths

- only one build-system at a time
you shouldn't try to use both the automake build-system and msp's system in
the same directory; you might end up with calling a "makefile" from the wrong

detailed log
headers into ${includedir}/pd/
included g_all_guis.h as proposed by hans
added flags from the template external Makefile (ext13/Makefile) in the
these can be queried via pkg-config to build externals
renamed extra/makefile to extra/makefile.subdir
this was discussed at IRC
iphoneSDK autoconf macros
basic checks for Android
fixed copyright
new flag --iphone-version: hopefully an even more generic iPhone detection
try to move all the generated stuff into m/config and m4/generated;
m4/ (with no subdir) is reserved for handrafted files
replace 'echo "WARNING"..."' with AC_MSG_WARN
check architecture for both android and iPhone
rely on android-check (== removes manual android things from configure.ac)
checks for universal binaries now in a separate m4-file
handle Hurd and GNU/kFreeBSD as special cases of LINUX.
i know this is wrong, but should work for now...
for recursive calls we need "-f AMakefile" as AM_MAKEFLAGS
regenerated AM Makefiles
fixed $(NAME) issue
add DATA to dist
dummy file to allow the use of "-f AMakefile" recursively
install-hook and uninstall-hook for the link fest
don't forget to include AMakefile into the dist package
expr~ needs some header files to be included into dist, else it won't build
extra need not be called manually, as it's now properly "automade"
dont forget to include pd.ico
removed the "AMakefile" cruft: renamed AMakefile to GNUmakefile.
this won't touch the existing build-system (since there won't be any GNUmakefile
unless automake is used), but if automake is used, "GNUmakefile" will take
precedence over "makefile" so we don't need any more "-f AMakefile" flags that
only breed confusion;
removed the inclusion of AMakefile
use $(top_srcdir)/src as library search path.
this used to be $(top_srcdir)/bin, but that makes problems, if the symlink from
src/ to bin/ has not been set.
since this changes involves automake only, and automake builds everything in
src/, it shouldn't make a difference.
furthermore, this is needed for w32 only and not tested at all...

2010-08-18 21:30:59 Tree
[d12821] by msp msp

patch 3042363 - finalized automake support

2010-08-18 04:11:07 Tree
[31daa9] by msp msp

patch 3035455 - Correct error messages for ALSA device setup

2010-08-18 03:54:30 Tree
[1f9309] by msp msp

patch 3032363 - full UTF-8 support for 0.43

2010-08-18 03:51:42 Tree
[2f6420] by msp msp

patch 3031833 - updated helpbrowser.tcl

2010-08-18 03:14:42 Tree
[56964c] by msp msp

patch 3011285 - fix gl_goprect logic

2010-08-18 03:12:14 Tree
[27977e] by msp msp

patch 2958837 - Fix bendout on alsa

2010-08-18 03:08:45 Tree
[2488dc] by msp msp

patch 2952880 - a partial float fix

2010-08-18 03:06:46 Tree
[362028] by msp msp

patch 2946742 - BUGFIX: [bang( to [expr size("$s1")] crashes pd

2010-08-18 03:00:53 Tree
[8e3811] by msp msp

Patch 2936486 - add broadcast support to netsend/netreceive

2010-08-18 02:56:26 Tree
[9acdde] by msp msp

patch 2929284 - bang to switch~ while dsp off: Pd exits

2010-08-18 02:53:11 Tree
[ae4e9d] by msp msp

attempted fix to gop-save-crash bug (addressed in patch 2913280 but
fixed differently)

2010-08-18 00:31:34 Tree
[4e4d22] by msp msp

delete old file

2010-08-03 04:25:27 Tree
[e98026] by msp msp

patch 2588029 - fix exporting to Max .pat/.mxt file

2010-08-03 04:18:42 Tree
[e1cf33] by msp msp

patch 2584887 - bonk ignores relative paths when reading templates

2010-08-03 04:15:59 Tree
[b1fc61] by msp msp

patch 2532431 - fix opening of .PD/.Pd/.pD and Max patches (.mxt/.pat)

2010-08-03 04:14:07 Tree
[c11ef1] by msp msp

patch 2527413 - add Yes/No/Cancel dialog for saving dirty files

2010-08-03 04:02:45 Tree
[98b495] by msp msp

2290495 - [feature] grain message for "line" to set time grain
2317572 - [bugfix] garray_resize should use int

2010-08-03 03:47:13 Tree
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