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Commit [81837b] Maximize Restore History

more automake: this time for po

Signed-off-by: msp <msp@fuzz.(none)>

IOhannes m zmölnig IOhannes m zmölnig 2010-07-16

msp msp 2010-07-21

changed tcl/Makefile.am
changed Makefile.am
changed configure.ac
copied po/Makefile -> po/Makefile.am
tcl/Makefile.am Diff Switch to side-by-side view
Makefile.am Diff Switch to side-by-side view
configure.ac Diff Switch to side-by-side view
po/Makefile to po/Makefile.am
--- a/po/Makefile
+++ b/po/Makefile.am
@@ -1,24 +1,17 @@
-# this is the UNIX-style complicated layout dir, simple goes to $(prefix)/po
-libpddir = $(prefix)/lib/pd
+SUFFIXES = .po .pot .msg
 # this is the only way to get gettext 0.17 with Fink
-UNAME := $(shell uname -s)
-ifeq ($(UNAME),Darwin)
+#UNAME := $(shell uname -s)
+#ifeq ($(UNAME),Darwin)
   PATH := /sw/lib/gettext-tools-0.17/bin:${PATH}
-# these are the files to search for localization strings
-TCLSOURCES = AppMain.tcl apple_events.tcl dialog_array.tcl \
-	dialog_audio.tcl dialog_canvas.tcl dialog_data.tcl \
-	dialog_find.tcl dialog_font.tcl dialog_gatom.tcl \
-	dialog_iemgui.tcl dialog_message.tcl dialog_midi.tcl \
-	dialog_path.tcl dialog_startup.tcl helpbrowser.tcl \
-	opt_parser.tcl pd-gui.tcl pd_bindings.tcl \
-	pd_connect.tcl pd_menucommands.tcl pd_menus.tcl \
-	pdtk_canvas.tcl pdtk_text.tcl pdwindow.tcl \
-	scrollbox.tcl scrollboxwindow.tcl wheredoesthisgo.tcl
+TCLFILES = apple_events.tcl dialog_canvas.tcl dialog_gatom.tcl dialog_path.tcl pd_bindings.tcl pd_menus.tcl pdwindow.tcl scrollboxwindow.tcl AppMain.tcl dialog_data.tcl dialog_iemgui.tcl dialog_startup.tcl pd_connect.tcl pdtk_array.tcl pkgIndex.tcl wheredoesthisgo.tcl dialog_array.tcl dialog_find.tcl dialog_message.tcl helpbrowser.tcl pdtk_canvas.tcl pkg_mkIndex.tcl dialog_audio.tcl dialog_font.tcl dialog_midi.tcl opt_parser.tcl pd_menucommands.tcl pdtk_text.tcl scrollbox.tcl 
-SOURCES=$(addprefix ../tcl/, $(TCLSOURCES))
+FILES=$(addprefix ../tcl/, $(TCLFILES))
 # these are the supported languages, 
 ALL_LINGUAS = af az be bg de el en_ca eu fr gu he hi hu it pa pt_br pt_pt sq sv vi
@@ -27,8 +20,10 @@
 TEMPLATE = template.pot
-.SUFFIXES = .po .pot .msg
-.PHONY = all po template install clean
+libpdpodir = $(pkglibdir)/po
+libpdpo_DATA = $(MSGFILES)
 # generate .msg files from the .po files
 all: $(MSGFILES)
@@ -36,23 +31,19 @@
 # refresh .po files from the template
 po: $(POFILES)
-install: $(MSGFILES)
-	install -d $(DESTDIR)$(libpddir)/po
-	install -p $(MSGFILES) $(DESTDIR)$(libpddir)/po
 # refresh the template from the source code
 template: $(TEMPLATE)
 	xgettext --join-existing \
 		--from-code=UTF-8 --language=Tcl --keyword=_ \
 		--sort-by-file --output=$(TEMPLATE) \
 		--package-name="Pure Data" --package-version=0.43 \
 		--copyright-holder='This file is put in the public domain' \
 		--msgid-bugs-address=pd-dev@iem.at \
+		$(FILES)
 # fink's and MinGW's xgettext are too old for these flags, needs 0.17
-#		--package-name="Pure Data" --package-version=0.43 \
+#		--package-name="Pure Data" --package-version=0.43
 # I guess officially, the .po file should depend on the template.pot, but its
 # mostly annoying since it wasnts to update the template.pot and .po files any
@@ -66,14 +57,5 @@
 	msgfmt --check --tcl --locale=$* -d . $<
-	install -m644 -p Makefile $(distdir)
-	install -m644 -p $(TEMPLATE) $(distdir)
-	install -m644 -p $(POFILES) $(distdir)
-maintainer-clean distclean: clean
-	-rm -f -- $(MSGFILES)
-	-rm -f -- $(POFILES:=~)
+etags: TAGS
+	etags --append --language=none --regex="/proc[ \t]+\([^ \t]+\)/\1/" *.tcl