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#507 empty lists to [pack] should trigger object

puredata (375)

"[list 1 2 3( -> [pack 10 20 30 40]" will overwrite the first 3 elements ot [pack] and then trigger the output of the packed list.

but sending an empty list, e.g. "[list( -> [pack 10 20 30 49]", will be silently ignored.
the expected bahaviour is that no elements of [pack] are replaced and that the packed list is sent to the outlet.

the attached patch fixes this, by only calling obj_list() is the list is non-empty (obj_list() will immediately return if it gets an empty list) and instead call pack_bang() in this case.


  • the underlying bug becomes obvious when using [trigger anything] to forward a [bang(: [t a] will silently convert a "bang" into an empty list, so the following patch doesn't do anything:

    [t a]

    [pack 0 50]

  • I think this is a problem with obj_list but I'm afraid to mess with that
    qo close to a release - so I think the best thing to do is to fork 0.45 off,
    apply this patch to 0.45 and fix obj_list for 0.46 and on.



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