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I was looking at using puredata from debian, and currently, it's a bit of a mess, if I want to use PD + gem, I need to install both, and then mess up with config files, or, as the readme suggest (Readme.Debian), launch pd with an extenssive commandline:

| to start Pd with Gem support, issue the command (without the '%' sign)
| % pd -path /usr/lib/pd/extra/Gem -lib Gem
| OR
| use the provided script instead of directly starting Pd:
| % /usr/bin/pd-gem
| OR
| start Pd
| - navigate to "File->Path..." and add "/usr/lib/pd/extra/Gem" to the list of search-paths
| - click OK
| - navigate to "File->Startup..." and add "Gem" to the list of binaries to be loaded
| - click "Apply" and "Save all settings"
| OR
| add the following lines to your ~/.pdrc file (deprecated)
| -path /usr/lib/pd/extra/Gem
| -lib Gem

I think it'd be better to automatially include a file, that's what this patch is all about (and to be able to make a pd extenssion debian policy).

tell me what you think


  • Anonymous

    ok,... I can't seem to add my second patch,... you can find everything in:

  • For loading libraries, you should do it directly in the patch using either [declare -lib] or [import] (apt-get install puredata-import).

    • status: open --> pending
  • @anonymous(how i hate the openID implementation on sf): i don't see how starting "pd-gem" is "messing up with config files" or "launching "with an extensive commandline". alternatively, you can always launch pd/Gem from the menu

    @eighthave: using [declare] or [import] is one of many options how to load library. other ways have their value as well, and i don't think we should force people to do something (even if we do believe that they should do it) (and yes, i am not always true to this suggestion myself :-))

    finally, the two patches submitted are somewhat independent (though related):
    - having the opportunity to force the use of a given preference file
    - implementing an /etc/*/conf.d/ style config cascade

    i would suggest submitting them separately.

    • status: pending --> open
  • about the given patch: this is definitely a nice idea (i haven't looked at the patch though), and allows to easily switch between predefined flavours of your installed Pd.

    i think it's a way better solution than the config-switcher.sh script that comes with current Pd-extended, as it doesn't require write access in the home-directory.

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  • Anonymous

    @zmoelnig: (really, things are easier to discuss via mail =))
    the first patch only alows to specify a config file from C, yet, we could easily make it a command line switch to be able to specify a file (or a directory) to load.

    @zmoelnig: I'm a puredata beginer, but I'm concerned that pd-gem allows you to load only 1 extention at a time, what if you want gem + pidip + xxx ? I don't think it's an elegant solution.

    @eighthave: good to know, that said, it doesn't seem widely used, I was looking at some docs, and some projects and no patch I found was implementing this, so I think it's easier to fix Debian/PD to include some/all installed ext, than fix all patches in the wild.

  • note, that even if all your patches were implemented, i would still rather NOT enable all apt-installed pdlibs by default (i guess i am with hans here)

    instead, the sysadmin ought to decide on a case-by-case basis (something like apache's /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/)

  • @h-tee-tee-pee-yes: If you were looking at help patches, the [import] object is excluded because libdir externals put the binaries in the same directory as the help patches.

    It does seem weird to have to import the import object.


  • Anonymous

    Ok, so I refreshed my patches to take into account some things said here:
    (you can call me xaiki)


    hasn't changed, needed for 0002 and 0003


    will now look into /etc/puredata/conf-enabled
    so we can setup an apache/lighttpd like dir with a puredata-conf-enable script (that we can steal away)


    add a -conf argument, using 0001


    this will make that -conf argument not use the default conf when triggered, actually, it could be a bit smarter (i.e. checking if we could actually read something... but well)

  • I think that the -conf flag is a good idea and should be included and generalized for all platforms.

    But I think that the /etc/puredata/conf-enabled stuff is not a good idea because it serves to reinforce the issues that cause this problem in the first place. We should be making it easier for people to embed the configuration in the patch, by doing things like improving [declare]. We should not make it easier to move the configuration globally, which means we have even more patches that are unshareable because they rely on a custom, global config. Just look at any other programming language, the libs that a program needs are declared in the program itself (import, using, declare, #include, etc), not globally in the user's config.

  • i think it is good to make it easier to embed preferences in the patch.
    i also think that [declare] should be made nicer.

    this doesn't keep me from thinking that a global configuration would be a good idea, esp. when you can configure the (system specific) hardware and the like.

  • From the point of view of hardware config, it makes sense to have a global config, I agree.


  • Anonymous

    @zmoelnig @eighthave: ok it'll be easier to first read /etc/puredata/pd.conf then ~/.pdrc do you want a patch doing that ?

    then, where can I look into [declare] stuff ? (sorry...quite a newbie here)

    but anyway, I guess we'll still need each module to be able to declare how to load itself,
    so I can have the patch say something as easy as:
    need gem
    need blah

    and then pd would look for a descriptor for the 'gem' and 'blah' module, and load specific files.

    so I guess it means 0001 and 0003 and 0004 should get merged, and then we should build ontop of that ?

  • .pdrc? i hope you are aware, that .pdrc has been deprecated or a long time and the current state of affairs is to use .pdsettings (at least on linux)

    as for [declare]: look at the help-patch for [declare], the source-code (g_canvas.c) and the mailing-list archives for a discussion of its problems.



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