#79 Indicate message order on patch cords

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Peter Fazekas

A tiny improvement idea: Wires could tell you their message order (like in a really sexy commercial beast, named Synth Maker), for an improved patch readability, and for a more precise graphical representation. In SM it's simply one or more (almost indistinguishable) tiny lines crossing the wire on its "from" end. The number of tiny lines tells the order of cords from the same source. I know, this can really slow down the gui... There must be a pretty solution :)

Numbering? They have to be really small and it's a hard work to keep it clean. Same as in SM? It's not so bad, but can be really annoying with more than three cables. Proportional outlet width and x-ordered lines on them? Can be clear, and can appear very complex, too. Maybe it forces pd developers to wrong directions (arranging objects like in max). I really don't have a good idea, just the certainty: one must see the message order when he/she reads a patch in a png...:)


  • Personally, I think that the best way to keep track of execution order is to lay out the patch so that it represents the execution order of top-to-bottom, right-to-left. I think that makes it like reading text, you know to start at the top and read down, and start at the left and read right.

    If you are using the order of connections to enforce execution order, that's a bad idea. Use [trigger] instead, then it is a sure thing, and much more readable.



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