#67 give clues that object's constructor has failed

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currently, when an object (that is: non-abstraction external) fails to create, this can be of 2 reasons:
- the objectclass is unknown (and cannot be found on the filesystem)
- the objectclass is there, but the constructor has failed

both look the very same in the patch (a dashed box)

however, it would be nice if these could be distinguished on a patch-level, so the user have a clue what actually happened (without having to read pages of pd-console output)

i would suggest using a different colour for the two cases (e.g. grey out a known object that fails to construct)

additionally it would be nice to be able to access the right-click help of an objectclass if it failed to construct. (so people can get an idea what they did wrong)

it shouldn't be too hard to do, as Pd already has a notion of what happened.


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    It seems that almost all objects solve this problem by ensuring that the constructor does not fail without creating a basic object. I am curious why you think that this solution isn't sufficient?



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