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#115 Why not %.. instead of $.. ?? ..and more..


Maybe it is too obvious, but not to me..
1. Why don't we use "%.." as in the [makefilename] in [msg('s as well?? Most new people seem to have problems with "$" inside and outside of [msg('s...

2. forget "1.": What's about a message-object?? I don't mean a "[message(" but a "[message]"!
It would have some advantages over the [msg(. E.g one could replace it with something else by rewriting the content instead of deleting the [msg( and it's connections and creating another object and it's connections at it's place.

Furthermore besides the actual message, the object could take one symbol as an argument. This would be a user-defined placeholder for inlets or something like this.. just as "$.." does in [msg('s or [expr].
The advantage is obviously that the user can choose a symbol that is not content of the message.
So in the end one would have something like this:

[it costs $1$( , would become
[%, it costs %1$]

I know it works with "external" symbols, too. But that's rather a workaround, isnt it?? ...e.g. [pack f s]--[it costs $1$2 ( etc...
Any opinions, whether pro or contra??


  • ah, and please please always create one ticket for one feature request (and not one ticket for several issues).
    else you risk that your ticket get's closed when a minor issue has been solved, even though three major issues are still open.

  • I didn't want to say that externals are workarounds. I mean the way one deals with [msg('s sometimes looks like a workaround.
    Since they are clickable, I think [msg('s are half-gui-objects. So there is no need for replacing it when introducing a [msg]-object.
    Maybe think of it as a counterpart to the math with and without [expr] just for text.
    Anyways, a third-party external will do the job then - just have to find someone for the 'real' programming..



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