#2 Callback for M-SEARCH message

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Luke Kim

Would you please add some code for UPnP CD to get a callback when SSDP discovery message reaches and before UPnP SSDP replys.

When UPnP CP is in network and UPnP CD is in Auto-IP(;) network, UPnP CD can receive SSDP discovery message from UPnP CP but UPnP CD fails to send SSDP discovery response message because SSDP discovery message is a multicast but SSDP discovery response message is a unicast and there is no route to So, I'd like to get a chance to modify routing table before send SSDP discovery response to solve this problem.


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    If you want, you can send a patch for evaluation, we currently have no resources to code user requests.

    Anyway, I don't think this is the correct approach. Both devices must be on the same network, what you suggest sounds more like a hack to make it work. Either put CP in the Auto-IP network too by configuring one interface to an address in this network, or even better, create an alias for this interface in the Auto-IP network, or somehow put CD in the correct network, not in the Auto-IP.


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