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#16 UPnP Media Adaptor (audio/video trancoder)


UPnP Media Adaptor (audio/video trancoder)

To be a able to detect which audio/video formats that the clients connecting to uShare support and then present all files in those formats. Plus transcode (decode and encode) those files on-the-fly in near real-time when streaming the files to the client.

Example: An Xbox360 which practicaly only supports plying WMA audio and WMV video files should see all files as WMA and WMV when connecting to uShare, even if the files really are encoded with DivX/XviD or Nero Digital video and AAC or FLAC audio in a AVI or MKV container. Then when the Xbox360 request to play one of those files the "UPnP Media Adaptor" layer library in uShare will decode that file and re-encoding it to WMA/WMV on-the-fly in near real-time (as fast as the system processor can preform) filling a local RAM memory buffer (maybe 64MB?) before streaming the media to the Xbox360 client. One will of course need a relativly fast CPU in the computer that the uShare server is running on.

Preferably with a plugin framework / API for UPnP Media Adaptor. So that other developers can also make thgeir own drop in codecs (decoders and/or encoders), like with DLL packages. You could borrow the DLLLoader from MPlayer or XBMC (XBMC DLL loader is based on the MPlayer DLL loader but they have improved on it to make it much more flexable and usable).

Suggest use FFmpeg as the decoding > encoding library:

Alternativly use mencoder for the decoding > encoding:

PS! Few open source product that already does this is:
However Transcode360 & Encode360 are only for .NET :(


    • priority: 5 --> 1
    • status: open --> closed