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iOS 7+ compiling issues

  • Hi all, i have been trying to compile pUPnP library for iOS 7+, and i get some errors. I found a workaround, but i really don't know how i should manage pull request, or something like that, in sourceforge. Can anyone help me?

    This are the changes i made:

    • File upnp/src/inc/upnpapi.h

    Changed UpnpFunName -> ACTION enum, for UpnpFunName -> UPNPACTION, since it was conflicting with usr/include/search.h enum definition, from the iOS 7 SDK.

    • File upnp/src/uuid/uuid.c and uuid.h

    Changed int uuid_compare(uuid_upnp u1, uuid_upnp u2)
    for int pupnp_uuid_compare(uuid_upnp u1, uuid_upnp u2)

    since it was conflicting with int uuid_compare(const uuid_t uu1, const uuid_t uu2), declared in usr/include/uuid/uuid.h of the iOS 7 base SDK.

    Thanks in advance!