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Why is there no config/ban files?

  • Paul Bruner
    Paul Bruner

    I have been looking though the specs and source to see why there are no advanced features to the sdk.  I mean its an excellent build, don't get me wrong.  The code is clear and the comments are excellent.  I am just surprised that there isn't a simple way to block ip address's from request Upnp service.

    I know I can always hack in something that adds some new lines to the upnp.conf file (maybe an api that dumps the HandleTable contents Evey time a new device is added and removed) but to be honest I am curious to why no one has added such features.  I would figure something like UPnP would need some kind basic security features since it can potential virus's could open ports on a router or have easy access to media files off a TV server.

    PS After looking at more of the code and building a test device/root to communicate with one another, I am wondering if I am on the wrong track.  Should these features be implemented in the created device?  I am still more inclined to put these features into my upnp build, to atleast see the hits to the simple webserver.