PUK Mirror

  • Greetz.
    I would like to mirror BooHoo's PUK site, and perhaps include PUK "support" in a new forum on one of my support sites - is this OK with the PUK community?



    • Anonymous

      Hi , I am Boo Hoo. You would be welcome too. I am glad to see PUK kept alive.

    • Great, thanks.  I will post the mirrored site soon, as I update the tekjnke.com server.  In the meantime, I have setup a PUK support forum in our technical support area.



    • I no longer have the seperate area of "helping out" - but I would like to offer some download space for PUK.  I have had a few users trying to download PUK from a link on my website (in the resources section) but couldn't get PUK.