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#1 XP-Pro Windows Explorer Crash


On XP-Pro the Windows Explorer as a tendency to crash
after a while with Puk Installed. Also the TaskBar
Icon does not refresh after a Windows Explorer Crash.


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    Im Using WinXp Pro And Havent Yet Noticed A Problem With
    Puks Stability With Internet Explorer. But Netscape Or
    Winamp Do Somewhat Interfeer And Cause A Internet Explorer
    Crash As Winamp,Internet Explorer And Netscape Fight Over
    Default Browser And Internet Explorer Wins But Its Like A
    Tug O War- Netscape And Winamp Let Go Of The Rope And
    Internet Explorer Falls On Its Bumn! Thus The Crash!

    I Suggest Disabling All Your System Tray Icons By Going To
    Start And selecting Run. The Type MSCONFIG And The Hit
    Enter Under The Startup Tab Uncheck All Items Except Your
    Antivirus And Firewall.

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    To my knowledge, there is not a MSCONFIG on an NT system so
    typing MSCONFIG in the run box will not help. MSCONFIG will
    work on Windows 98, 95 and is questionable on ME. If there
    is a MSCONFIG on an NT system, please let me know.

  • steve barnes
    steve barnes

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    I have noticed similar probs. When ie 6 crashes, the task
    mgr (ctr+alt+del) still shows puk as a running process, but
    the icon dissappears from taskbar. Just installed v 1.45.3,
    and I hope problem is gone. My guess is this is a os issue,
    not a puk one.

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    Any more info on the one? I typically reboot once a week. I
    have never had PUK crash under XP.
    - Does it crash while killing pop-up windows?

  • steve barnes
    steve barnes

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    V 1.45.4 has been much more stable. No problems at all.
    From what I recall, the old version crashed with multiple
    instances of IE open. The most recent version has not.

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    PUK1.45.4 is more stable. One of the earlier comments was
    regarding WinAmp and Netscape. I have not tested
    Netscape, but WinAmp 3 is a bit of a pain. Not as stable at

    (I need to understand the new XML skinning and window calls
    better... and how they may conflict with PUK. - Acutally I
    don't think it does - I think the conflict is between WinAmp
    and Explorer.... PUK is an innocent bystander.)

  • Clint Tseng
    Clint Tseng

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    A person asked earlier if NT environments have the
    MSCONFIG software.

    NT4.0 and below do not, and neither does 2000 Server/Pro.

    However, the entire 95 line (95, 98, ME, XP) do.

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    The issue of using MSCONFIG to solve the problem by
    disableing taskbars items is an unwelcome compromise. I
    have PUK loaded in the taskbar under XP
    - Norton Antivirus - realtime and receive mail protection on.
    - Firewall setup on a router rather than Windows network.
    - taskbar progs.
    Open Office.org

    I suggest you find the culprit.
    - I don't use WinAmp 3.0 anymore. Too buggy... downright
    - I disabled the XP firewall with good results, (and I have
    better protection by putting a router between the PC and
    broadband - program the router to re-route traffic going to
    the wrong ports. - it's faster too.)
    - I removed ALL third party toolbars from IE.
    - Run a spyware cleanup program. Most of the P2P programs
    command IE or Netscape services with their own instruction
    sets. They interfere with PUK or any browser aware program.
    (I would imagine that if you use Kazaa, trying to keep PUK
    running is like sealing a puncture in a tire with a 10 penny Nail)

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    I have not had any problems with PUK at all on any system
    with any combination of software running - ranging from
    Norton to Kazaa, and everything in between...