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easy_install fails if egg on sourceforge

I confirmed that .zip and .egg install fine when easy_install on the files that are on my laptop, or when I upload them to pypi (cheeseshop), easy_install finds them, downloads and installs.

But when they are on sourceforge, it looks like easy_install can't process what it has received as it says
Downloading http://sourceforge.net/projects/pubsub/files/pubsub/3.1.2/PyPubSub-3.1.2-py2.6.egg/download
Processing download
error: Couldn't find a setup script in c:\docume~1\schoenb\locals~1\temp\easy_install-5z1j7d\download

Since I like the file download history available in sourceforge, whereas pypi only shows total downloads, I will have to forfeit installability directly from web. Downloading the .zip or .egg from sourceforge then easy_install on the downloaded file works fine, so the four related pending bugs will be closed and I will update the docs.

Posted by schoenborno 2011-12-11
  • schoenborno

    The solution is to use the link provided by "direct link" link that appears when you manually download the file, and putting those links on the cheese.txt that gets uploaded when you issue "python setup.py register".