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Got really tired of having to enter my password for every SVN operation. Some operations, like log view, require entry 30-40 times! Turns out it is possible via SSH key pair as explained in SSH Keys page. Basically,

  1. once:
    a. use puttygen to generate a PPK pair,
    b. add the public key to my account via web,
    c. add key to pageant (another putty component)
  2. every time I start my VM, start pageant. ... read more
Posted by schoenborno 2014-02-02

Release 3.3.0 is out!

See the release notes in the Files/pubsub/3.3.0 folder.

Posted by schoenborno 2014-02-01

RC1 of pubsub 3.3 available

See the readme in Files section for version 3.3

Posted by schoenborno 2013-12-29

V3.2.0 released

PyPubSub v3.2.0 released!

Although pubsub v3.1.2 (previous release) was very robust and seemed to provide the essential features for use, maintainability and debugging of pubsub based applications, an update was needed to finally incorporate some patches and extensions contributed by users, verify that it works for python 2.7, and get a sense of where it breaks for python 3.3 and pypy. I also cleaned up the online docs significantly, and removed some code that had been deprecated for a while. ... read more

Posted by schoenborno 2013-09-17

Working towards 3.2.0

Have closed all but one open ticket. All regression tests pass. Cleaning up docs and beta testing by user community is next.

Posted by schoenborno 2013-08-11

looking for maintainer

I'm looking for a maintainer; a developer who can look after the minor fixes that come up every so often. I'll post on wxPython list too.

Posted by schoenborno 2012-10-20

easy_install fails if egg on sourceforge

I confirmed that .zip and .egg install fine when easy_install on the files that are on my laptop, or when I upload them to pypi (cheeseshop), easy_install finds them, downloads and installs.

But when they are on sourceforge, it looks like easy_install can't process what it has received as it says
Processing download
error: Couldn't find a setup script in c:\docume~1\schoenb\locals~1\temp\easy_install-5z1j7d\download... read more

Posted by schoenborno 2011-12-11

easy_install woes

So there is something I'm not doing right with easy_install.... the and do not get included in the dist, even for the zip version. I'm not doing anything different than what I've seen on the setuptools doc sites, so clearly I'm missing something. I'll give this another go over the next week.

Posted by schoenborno 2011-12-11

Released 3.1.2

Finally gathered the few little patches created over the past year from users of pypubsub and also merged the temp branch "better docs" to trunk, hopefully the docs are a bit better now.

Thank god I had created the release.bat file in SVN, it made it easy to remember the many important steps, and in which order!

Also, it appears that may now be able to get egg file from, will see how that goes.

Posted by schoenborno 2011-12-11

Website layout updated

Finally got around to creating a good layout and structure for the Pubsub website (it works with latest FF and GC. Still one bug for IE6. Have yet to try IE7 and IE8). Now I have no excuse, I have to finish the docs!

Posted by schoenborno 2010-01-21

Stats down!

If you see the download stats as zero for the latest releases, it's due to the stats engine being upgraded. The stats are (according to SF) in the DB but not available online.

Posted by schoenborno 2008-08-02

Almost at 3.0beta

We are almost at 3.0beta! Some exception error messages could benefit from clearer message, but this can always be improved so may not wait for this. Stay tuned!

Posted by schoenborno 2008-08-02