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publicVoiceXML Hardware abstraction with VoIP-CAPI / XCAPI

We have made first successful and promising tests both with VoIP-CAPI(ikon) and XCAPI(TE-Systems) in combination with publicVoiceXML2.6.1. VoIP-CAPI and XCAPI behave like virtual ISDN cards that enables publicVoiceXML to communicate via H323.

With VoIP-CAPI or XCAPI.....
.... publicVoiceXML is Hardware independent
.... publicVoiceXML has better scalability (e.g 5/13/42 lines)

Unfortunately VoIP-CAPI and XCAPI ...
... only works on windows at the moment. Both companies(ikon, TE-Systems) told me they have plans to release a Linux version.
... in combination with publicVoiceXML isnt fully tested yet

For a detailed test report for VoIP-CAPI take a look at http://mailman.pvl.at/pipermail/pvx-tech/2004-January/000434.html

For a detailed test report for XCAPI take a look at http://mailman.pvl.at/pipermail/pvx-tech/2004-January/000447.html

Posted by Mathias Kimpl 2004-01-28