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GNU/Linux PTP / News: Recent posts

Project leadership changed

Ole Aamot hase passed the leadership of this project to Mariusz Woloszyn (me ;) .
I'm going to use this page as a central point for all information about PTP and PTP devices.
I hope that experience gained while beeing the author of libptp2, the library used to communicate with PTP devices, let me keep this page usefull.

Posted by Mariusz Woloszyn 2004-10-28

Picture Transfer Protocol (PIMA 15740 v1.0) eletronic ballot

The formal approval process of PIMA 15740 v1.0 began 2000-05-04 and ends 2000-06-02.<br>
<a href="http://www.pima.net/standards/it10/PIMA15740_v1.pdf">Download the v.1.0 draft</a><br>
Public comments on PIMA 15740 v.1.0 are welcome.
Please send any comments to VOTES@pima.net and
put PIMA 15740 in the SUBJECT area.

Posted by Ole Aamot 2000-05-07