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More and More Delays.

Sorry that this project has been delayed so long. If you are really looking for something in the way of princess tomato than search google for princess tomato remix. It is princess tomato on the web with new GFX. But, if you are really interested in this project, it is NOT dead. I will work on it someday, I am just very busy right now. Also, I started working on another project that I am going to make with "Adventure Maker". It is a forest game, if you want to check out the website go to www.stpollsite.com/forest . It says on there that I am using adrift and for that version I was, but I have now switched to AM. Anyway, if you have any comments or suggestions or want to help with the project you can email me at generade-at-gmail-dot-com just remember to use the @ and a period, lol.

Posted by maied 2007-03-31

More Delays and exciting news...

I am delaying this project for awhile longer. To be honest, I havn't done any work in probably 3 months on it. I will work on it though.

In more exciting news, I am planning on switching the programming environment ( program :) )to ADRIFT from the one I have been using which in CAT (creative adventure toolkit). What does this mean for the game, much better options, gameplay, interface, and it will have graphics and sounds. It will also mean that I will be done with the project sooner once I start work on it.... read more

Posted by maied 2006-02-13

Project Delayed.

The project has been delayed, I have become busier lately. But some work has been done, not much but some. I have also been working on another game too. It is called Deep Dark Woods. It is a text/gfx game, but done in a better format than this game.

I will get to it some day.

Posted by maied 2005-11-01

First Screenshot!

We now have a screenshot. I thought it would be nice to have something for you to look at while I work on the game.

This screenshot is subject to change and may not actually be in the game or have anything to do with the game.


Posted by maied 2005-06-14

Project Underway Soon!

Just wanted to let anyone that actually finds this project to know that development of the game will start soon. Probably within the next day or two.

An alpha release is expected within 1-2 months and screenshots within 4-5 days from now.

We have a rough release date of 1-2 years for a final release.

Posted by maied 2005-06-14